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A Word from Our Pastor 

 Welcome in Jesus' name!

Living in the Midwest gives us a wide variety of weather experiences - from the frigid chill of deep winter to the sweet aroma of blooming spring to the sweltering humidity of a mid-summer's day to the rich earthy tones of autumn. God has dressed each season in its own beauty, so no matter where we are in the year there's always something to take our breath away. Our God is an awesome God!

Sin puts an ugly smudge over the landscape of God's beautiful world, beginning with our very own lives. Seasons of laughter are accompanied by days of heart-rending sadness. Guilt from our failures invades the peace of a quiet conscience. Contentment gives way to fear and doubt. Life surrenders to death. 

The same God who created the vast universe has created the solution to sin's destruction. That solution is Jesus Christ, his Son. Jesus did not come to make this world a better place in which to live. He came to give us a different life. He set us free from our sins by nailing them to the cross in his body. The sadness and guilt and fear and death that sin has brought into our lives have been replaced by forgiveness and hope and joy. With these we can live a new and different life in an old and dying world.

As God dresses the seasons in his splendor, so he dresses us in the breath-taking beauty of his Son by faith. He promises that soon we will gaze upon that beauty with our own eyes in heaven's far, far better world.

Sound too good to be true? It's all right here in God's Word, his "love letter" to the world. We invite you to come and hear it for yourself. If you think his handiwork in creation is awesome, wait 'til you see what he can do in your heart!

In our Savior's name,

Pastor Dean Gunn


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